Stay calm to make better decisions


  1. In a threatening situation, first identify if the danger is immediate or in the future.
    If you are in immediate danger, follow your fear and intuitive signals to get yourself out of that situation.

  2. In the case of a future hazard, the priority is to remain calm.
    Take deep breaths, and avoid panic.

  3. Evaluate the situation calmly and in an organized manner.
    Seek the help of a trusted friend, or write down your thoughts. “What’s the worst-case scenario?” “What’s the likely outcome if I do X, or if I don’t do Y?” “Who would benefit from Z? Who would be adversely affected by A?”

  4. Make an action plan based on these predictions.

  5. Be prepared to adapt if the situation changes.
    You can make multiple action plans if the situation is especially volatile or changeable.


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