Start over on Mars the right way


  1. Explore the four healing emotions rather than going on the rebound.
    Be responsible for your pain, and don’t avoid it. Feel the four healing emotions (anger, sadness, fear, and sorrow) until your pain goes away. Reach out to friends and family for support. Moreover, you should also temporarily abstain from sexual stimulation to help the healing process. Do exercise or spend time with friends to maintain control.
  2. Focus on your work and maintain a work-love balance.
    Positive addictions, such as work or recreation, can bring you healthy relief if balanced with emotional needs (time with family/friends, counseling, etc.).
  3. Explore not only the mistakes and misgivings of your partner but also the mistakes you made.
    Examine these mistakes and misgivings, but also remember the love you shared in the beginning to reset your heart.
  4. When dating new people, set aside your 'ideal' image of a partner and instead focus on how a person makes you feel.
    Are you attracted to the person? Do you like them? Are they interesting? Is this person inspiring you to be your best self?


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