Choose the trade-offs that benefit you most.

Having to make trade-offs is an inevitable part of life—no one can do it all. Once you acknowledge that, you will be able to better focus your energy on the things you can do, and you will do a much better job on them!


  1. When faced with a trade-off, ask yourself, “Which problem do I want?”
    At some points in your life, you will be faced with multiple problems all requiring your attention. Instead of telling yourself that you can do it all, make a trade-off and choose to tackle the most important one.

  2. Explore all your options before making a decision.
    Don’t limit yourself. Evaluate the pros and cons of all the things you could possibly do.

  3. Choose essential activities and opportunities over the non-essential
    Which task or activity is the most essential for your specific goals and priorities?

  4. Once you’ve chosen your trade-off, commit to going big on it.
    Instead of asking yourself, “What do I want to give up on?” ask yourself, “What can I go big on?” Then, put all your effort into that task and do it well.


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