Start a romantic relationship


  1. Be intentional about dating.
    Is your mind made up to date? You can only give out love effortlessly if you are ready for a relationship.

  2. Be clear about your motives for the relationship.
    Are you looking forward to starting a relationship because you are bored, because you want children or because you are looking for a life partner?

  3. Go out there and meet people.
    Social events are great places to meet a potential partner but you could just as well meet your partner when you are casually strolling down your street.

  4. Gauge the interest of your potential partner.
    Is your love interest romantically interested in you or just friendly? If the former is true, then you are in a good place.

  5. Declare your interest.
    Ask your love interest for a date and tell them just how you feel about them.


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