Stabilize your finances.

  1. Telling yourself that you will take control of your finances will condition your mind to do just that.

  2. Determining your net worth will allow you to recognize where you stand financially.

  3. Being frugal and saving up will give you long-term benefits in terms of financial stability.


  1. Tell yourself that you will take control of your finances.
    Make it clear to yourself that you will get out of debt and you will achieve financial independence.

  2. Set up a new bank account and deposit at least 1% of every paycheck you receive.
    These are your “savings.” Do not spend them unless you absolutely have to.

  3. List out your debts and start paying them off immediately.
    Prioritize those with the highest interest rates.

  4. Be frugal.
    Don’t spend money on unnecessary items.


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