Split your sales team into four specialized roles


  1. List down all the names of the salespeople in your team.

  2. List down the strengths of each of your salespeople based on their past performance.

  3. Review the strengths of each member of your sales team. Distribute them in the following roles based on their strengths:

    • Sales Development Reps: best at prospecting cold/inactive accounts for outbound lead generation
    • Market Response Reps: best at qualifying inbound leads
    • Account Executives: best at closing leads
    • Customer Success/Account Management: best at providing hands-on help to customers.
  4. Discuss the newly-distributed specialized roles to your team.
    Tell them the reason why you need to specialize, including their key functions.

  5. Ask your team if they have further questions about their roles.
    This will help them clearly understand their role and how exactly to operate.


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