Speak in a visual way—the natural language of the brain.

Charismatic leaders speak in more visual ways than non-charismatic ones. When we speak, our brain translates the words into an image. Images are the natural language of our brains, so why not speak in this language directly?


  1. Try to speak using more visual language.
    The brain translates your words into images, so the more visuals you can use as you speak, the more understood you will be.

  2. Use metaphors often.
    The best way to communicate something new is to use a metaphor linking it to something the audience is already familiar with. This skill is very powerful, and we highly recommend practicing it.

  3. Avoid negative words.
    When you use phrases like “Don’t worry,” our brain imagines something worrisome. Avoid using any phrases that our brain will translate into negative images.


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