Solve your problems effectively.

Not having a plan to deal with your problems typically leads to failure as you are essentially working blind. Formulating a plan of action will help you identify the correct steps to take and provide you with a clear guideline to follow.


  1. Tell yourself, “the power to solve all my problems is within me.”
    Reaffirm this belief by saying this statement out loud whenever you feel stuck in a difficult situation.

  2. Work out and actualize a plan to solve the problem.
    Create a well-defined plan before you begin tackling your problem. Then, carry your plan out. The next few steps will go over some simple steps to create a plan of action.

  3. Keep calm.
    Remember, tension blocks the flow of thought power, so keep calm! Keep your mind relaxed and solutions will come to you.

  4. Assemble all the facts of the problem on paper.
    Writing it down will ensure you don’t forget anything. It will also help you gain an objective view on the problem and understand the different aspects that you need to tackle.

  5. Trust in your intuition.
    YOU have all the answers.


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