Solve your problems as they happen.

Problems are a constant - no matter what you do, you will always have them. Denying them, victimizing yourself, or doing anything to get out of solving your problem  will only make you miserable. Happiness is a form of action - act on it by solving your problems, and you will be happy.


  1. Write down all the problems you currently have.
    For example, you may not be spending enough time with your partner due to work, you may not be exercising enough, etc..

  2. Solve your problems immediately - don’t let your problems pile up.
    Look over your list of problems and identify solutions for each one (example: time management). Ideally, you should solve each problem sooner rather than later. You may even give yourself a deadline, like a week to deal with the problem and move on. Remember, problems never stop, they just get exchanged and or upgraded. A small problem now could become a big problem in a few shorts days or weeks!

  3. Perform this action once a week.
    Set aside time to go through this action once a week - you will be able to nip your problems in the bud more efficentially with a schedule.


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