Solve problems with your subconscious


  1. Quiet your body and mind.
    Do this exercise before going to bed. Lay down and quiet your body and mind. Once you are in a relaxed state, you can begin.

  2. Focus your attention on the solution to your problem.
    Think about your problem and try to solve it with your conscious mind. Focus on how happy you will feel when the problem is solved and how it will improve your life. Don’t worry if you can’t think of a solution right now; just focus on the feeling of having a solution.

  3. Go to sleep.
    After you have imagined what it would feel like to solve your problem, let the idea sit for a few minutes before drifting naturally to sleep. During sleep, your conscious mind gets to work.

  4. Await your solution.
    You may wake up with a solution right away, but it does not always happen this way. Be patient and focus on your normal daily tasks. A solution will present itself when you least expect it.


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