Solve common love issues


  1. Change perspective on love.
    Focus on how much love you give instead of how much you receive.
  2. Analyze why you seek love.
    Describe what love means to you and why you need it. Are you trying to soothe your insecurities, avoid reality, or prove yourself to others? Do you need love to receive stability, security, hope, and happiness because you believe you can't provide such things to yourself? If so, write down how you can give all those things to yourself. Then, finding pure, unconditional love will be much easier.
  3. Love people who can love you back.
    Say to yourself that you deserve love and don’t need to love people who can’t love you back.
  4. Become independent in love.
    Drop the idea that your partner should highlight your best qualities, fix your flaws, and boost your self-worth. Consider yourself valuable even if you don't have a partner. So, you won't lose your confidence if your relationship ends.


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