Slow your inbox down to give yourself the time to focus on what matters


  1. Schedule time for emails, preferably at the end of the day
    Send and reply to emails only within the allotted time, then move on.

  2. Empty your inbox once a week.
    Go through your emails once a week and delete the irrelevant ones. This will help clear up space for newer emails.

  3. Be slow to respond to your emails.
    Prioritize your activities and resist the temptation to stop what you are doing to respond to emails.

  4. Set automatic messages to reset expectations.
    For example, send your colleagues or business partners automatic messages such as “I’m slow to respond because I need to prioritize some important projects, but you can send me a text if your message is urgent”.

  5. Lock yourself out of your email.
    Use apps like Freedom to temporarily lock yourself out of your email so you can focus on your highlight.


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