Sleep well to improve your performance.

The learning process is directly linked to the quality of NREM and REM sleep. The brain manages to create long-term memories and store relevant information if it is rested prior to the learning process, as well as following the learning process. Moreover, focusing on the information you wish to remember before going to sleep prepares the brain to focus on retaining that particular piece of information. Finally, healthy sleep leads to a healthy body and a healthy mind.


  1. Sleep well before you learn.
    Allowing your mind to recover will help you in the process of acquiring new knowledge.

  2. Sleep well after you learn.
    Getting good sleep after the learning process has occurred helps retain more information with the possibility of storing it in long-term memory.

  3. Decide which pieces of information you wish to retain before going to sleep.
    It might be helpful to reflect on the pieces of information you wish to remember for a longer period. This way you give instructions to the brain about what is important for you to remember.

  4. If you want to be a successful athlete, get some healthy sleep.
    Healthy sleep improves the professional life of sports players on many levels. It gives them enough energy and alertness to give their best in their specific field.


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