Show power through body language.

Having powerful body posture will make you more confident, and feeling more confident will make your body posture look more powerful. It’s a circle, and the only thing you have to do is practice the posture.


Practice this exercise before a situation, such as an interview or a meeting, during which you want to feel and show power.

  1. Make sure you can breathe easily.

  2. Stand up and shake your body.

  3. Take a wide stance and plant your feet firmly on the ground.

  4. Stretch your arms to the ceiling, as if you are trying to touch it with your fingertips.

  5. Now stretch your arms to the walls on either side of you, as if you are trying to touch them.

  6. Bring your arms loosely to your sides, and roll your shoulders up and then back.

  7. Inflate. Try to take up as much space as possible. Imagine puffing up like a gorilla, doubling in size.


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