Show appreciation and gratitude even when life gets difficult


  1. Call a few people you appreciate and thank them for being in your life
    If you’re feeling depressed and are struggling in life, find people you’re grateful for and tell them why you appreciate them. Call a friend, ex-lover, ex-client, or family member and tell them what you’ve learned from them and why you love them.

  2. Spend some of your time volunteering
    If your business has failed or you’ve lost your job and can’t find any work, you can use your free time to volunteer. You still have the abundance of time, not to mention hands, feet, and a brain. Spend a day helping others who are probably in a worse condition than you. This will get your mind off your troubles.

  3. Get some exercise even if it’s just taking a walk
    You can take a walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air and take your mind off the fight-or-flight mode. You may not feel like exercising at that moment but it can be incredibly helpful for your mental and emotional resilience.

  4. Turn self-love and compassion into a personal mantra
    If you’re struggling with a debilitating illness or you’ve lost everything and cannot pull yourself out of bed, start repeating the words, “I love myself.” Say it over and over again even if you have to fake it. The frequency of love and compassion has the power to heal your body and mind, and things around you can change in ways you could never dream of.


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