Share the details of how you attained success in an endeavor (a blog, speech, podcast) to help others and yourself create more success.

Tim Ferriss is living proof that the more you help people with details, the more detailed help you receive. He has found that 10% of your audience will try to follow your advice and will actually be better than you. That 10% will often reach out to teach you what they’ve learned, as they’re grateful for your transparency. This cycle of helping and success takes everyone involved to the next level.


  1. Identify one of your successes.
    What is something you did or are doing which is successful?

  2. Break it down into small steps.
    What was involved in the preparation, the knowledge, the equipment, and the actions?

  3. Describe it in detail to your audience in a conversation, blog, speech, etc.
    Choose whichever format you prefer.


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