Set up your sleep to support dream recall


  1. Before going to sleep each night, set a genuine intention that you want to remember your dreams.
    Phrase it however you like. Write it down on paper and keep it near your bed. Alternatively, place an image or other symbolic prompt beside your bed that will remind you of your dreams.

  2. Avoid consuming alcohol before sleeping.
    Alcohol dampens dreaming and dream recall.

  3. Get enough sleep (ideally 7-9 hours a night for adults).
    We dream more in the second half of the night, so prioritize the final four hours of sleep.

  4. Wake up naturally without an alarm.
    Alarm clocks disrupt the natural transition between the dream or sleeping state and the waking state, making it less likely to carry any of your dream images into waking consciousness.

  5. If you need to use an alarm, time it to go off at the end of a REM cycle.
    Set your alarm to a time that is a multiple of 90-minutes after your bedtime, for example, 6 hours, 7.5 hours, or 9 hours.


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