Set up your goals.

With well-prepared goals, you are motivated and know what to do. The bigger and less realistic your goals are, the more fuel you will have to act.


  1. Write your goals as though you've already accomplished them.
    Use simple present tense like, “I earn $1 million per month,” or, “I have 10 apartments in the biggest cities.”

  2. Remember your personal life and family.
    Do not focus only on what you own and earn. Your health, family, and marriage are important parts of your life.

  3. Never limit yourself.
    Write your goals as if you knew that you could not fail. You have much more potential than you think.

  4. Remember that you set up the goal for yourself.
    What others think and say is not important.

  5. Keep in mind that success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.
    To achieve it, of course, will require work, but it is worth it.

  6. Keep the notebook/pad/mobile phone (anything that you use to record your goals) next to your bed. This enables you to write down your plans for each day and revise them in the evening.
    It would also be good to have your notebook/pad/mobile device during the day to record new objectives and improve previous ones.

  7. Remember the 10X Rule.
    Set targets 10X higher than average.


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