Set up separate accounts to manage your finances


  1. Open four different accounts.
    Profit account, Owner’s Pay account, Tax account, and Operating Expenses account.
  2. Speak to the bank manager and negotiate the fees and requirements.
    There will be many transfers between accounts. If the manager is unwilling to negotiate, find a new bank.
  3. Set up two more external savings accounts with a bank other than your daily operations bank.
    One account will be your no-temptation Profit account, and the other will be your no-temptation Tax account. 
  4. When money comes into your main account, immediately divide it into separate accounts. 
    Each account has a different purpose. One is for profit, one for owner’s pay, another for taxes, etc. 
  5. Split money sequentially. 
    Always move money to your Profit account first, then the Owner’s pay, and then the Tax account. If you see that you don’t have enough for an Expense account, you need to cut those expenses. 
  6. Make Profit account hard to access.  
    Make it challenging to get the money from your Profit account. 
  7. Get into a rhythm of doing accounts payable twice a month.
    Choose two dates that will become a habit each month.


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