Set up a dream group


  1. Gather together a group of friends or like-minded people interested in exploring dreams together.
    The purpose of a dream group is to share dreams and help each other understand them. 
  2. Decide the frequency at which you will meet and how you will set up the meetings.
    How you organize is entirely up to you—it can be casual, over a meal, outdoors in a park or restaurant, in someone’s house, etc. Usually, a monthly frequency works well to begin, but it can be more or less frequent according to the group's needs.
  3. For each meeting, choose one person (‘the dreamer’) who will be sharing a dream.
    They can describe the dream aloud or write it down and have everyone read through it. 
  4. Ask questions to the dreamer until the material content and details of the dream are understood by everyone.
    Focus solely on the actual content in this step, not analysis or interpretation. This is to make sure everyone understands what happened in the dream before they begin interpreting it.
  5. Let the group members share their interpretations, associations, and thoughts about the dream freely and openly.
    A common format to use is: “If this were my dream, I would feel/think/wonder…”
  6. After everyone has shared their interpretations, the dreamer can share their response to the dream and the group’s suggestions.
    This is done last so that the dreamer’s own thoughts do not influence anyone else’s and so that the dreamer can receive unbiased interpretation from others.
  7. Let others whose dreams are not shared have insights or revelations about themselves or their own dreams.
    All kinds of awareness and understanding are welcome—the dream group is a place to get ideas, be inspired, and learn from each other.


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