Set personal goals for learning new skills within 18 months.

Improving yourself one step at a time will help you perfect your overall performance and achieve success.


  1. Identify your goals by asking yourself, “How can I improve?”
    Everyone has something they can improve upon; maybe you are too aggressive or too passive, too talkative or too shy. Figure out what you need to improve about yourself.

  2. Take steps to correct these things within 18 months.
    For example, if you realize that you talk too much, for one week, don’t give your opinion unless asked. If you realize that you talk very softly, force yourself to “shout” in business meetings.

  3. Don’t be worried about not being good at something!
    Don’t allow your fear of failure to hold you back from trying to correct your imperfect behaviors. You will never be good at something unless you practice it!


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