Set achievable goals by choosing your struggle.

Pain and struggle is an unavoidable part of the road to success. In fact, those that achieve success love the challenge. Those who enjoy the challenge of a gym workout are ones who run marathons; just like those who enjoy working late and dealing with corporate politics, are the ones who climb up that ladder, etc.

The reward of success will be well worth the struggle, but the joy will be in the climb itself. When you find a goal that you will happily and actively work towards, you have found a goal you will achieve successfully.


  1. Ask yourself, “What are you willing to struggle for?”.
    What challenges will you accept  to achieve happiness? By answering this question it will help you understand what you believe truly matters, as well as illustrate that you may have to struggle to reach your end goal.  For example, you may want a raise in your salary, but to get that, you will have to work harder, stay in the office later, etc.

  2. Identify what struggles you will have to go through to achieve your goal.
    For example, if you want to get fit, you will experience new physical pain and stress of working out along with diet changes.

  3. Ask yourself if you are willing to go through that struggle.
    If the answer is no, you will fail at your goal. You may want to consider a different goal  -that you will be able to work towards.


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