Set a circadian schedule for daily physical activity


  1. Map out a weekly schedule that involves some kind of physical activity every day.
    Remember that even light to moderate activity—such as doing chores and taking a walk—is important and helpful.

  2. Schedule exercise according to circadian rhythms.
    The best times are early morning (before 10 AM) and afternoon/early evening (from 3 PM onwards). Afternoon exercise is best for vigorous sessions to get maximum benefit with minimum injury.

  3. Exercise late at night only if you can’t do it at any other time.
    Keep night exercise light to moderate in intensity, avoid bright lights and take a shower afterward to cool off before bed.

  4. Use physical activity (rather than stimulants like caffeine) to boost your energy when you need it and set your clock for sleep.

  5. Use physical activity to help with hunger, cravings, and appetite.
    Regular exercise reduces appetite and will help you stick to your TRE schedule.

  6. If you are trying to lose weight or burn fat, exercise when you’ve fasted.
    Exercising outdoors in cold weather also boosts fat metabolism. Dress appropriately for safety, but don’t avoid the outdoors just because it’s cold.


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