Serve the smallest viable market.

There is a bright pink dye that is used for pranks. When you put a teaspoon of this dye in a swimming pool, the water will turn pink. When you put it in the ocean, no one will notice.

When you want to share your best work, you’re not going to make a difference if you drop it in the ocean. Stay away from the ocean. Instead, look for a large swimming pool. With an audience that size, you can make a difference. Begin there with obsessive focus. And then find another swimming pool.


  1. Define who you serve. Who do you want to change?
    You don’t serve everyone. You serve someone, or rather, a group of someones.

  2. Be specific.
    Serving everyone is average and boring. It’s conforming. Instead, be brave. Be specific about who you are seeking to serve and precisely what change you are trying to make.

  3. Shun the nonbelievers.
    You might think that everyone shares your beliefs, and everyone wants what you want. You might be influenced by nonbelievers. Resist.

  4. Make people fall in love with where you hope to take them.
    Loving you is a way of expressing themselves. That love becomes part of their identity.

  5. Call your customers “students”.
    Be like a mentor to them. What is it that you want to teach them? What is it that they want to learn from you?


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