Send targeted mass emails for your outbound campaign


  1. Look at the list of your leads.
    Sort them into categories based on their common characteristics such as demographics, revenue, business models, etc.

  2. Select the category of leads to which you will send a mass email today.
    Choose 50-100 prospects from this category.

  3. Write a conversation-starter mass email.
    Remember to keep the emails concise. It is also important to include one simple-to-answer question at the end to keep the conversation rolling.

  4. Start your email campaign by sending the email to your chosen prospects.
    Log every response you get into sales automation software.

  5. When you receive a response, ask them either of the following questions to move the conversation further:
     - To get a referral: Who is the best point of contact for…? 
     - To set up a conversation with the prospect: When is the best day/time for a quick discussion around…?

  6. Email the new contact and include the person’s name who referred you.

  7. To set up a call with a prospect, make sure to call them at the time you both agreed on.
    During the call, see if the prospect fits your business. If they do, take them to the next step. If they don’t, politely let them know.


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