Send mixed signals and create mystery to get your target interested in your story.

You can increase your target’s interest by sending mixed signals. If they can appreciate the mystery, they will want to know more about what is beneath the surface.


  1. Be aware of the first impression you give people.
    If you have a reputation for a particular quality, use this knowledge to become more aware of how other people see you.

  2. Suggest that there is more to you beneath the surface.
    If you have a gentle demeanor, let your target see there is also something sinful about you. If you come across as a cold person, create a seductive illusion by letting your target sense there is also something sensitive and romantic in you.

  3. Observe your target’s reactions and be ready to alter your behavior.
    If it looks like your target does not have the patience to pursue someone who confuses them, change your tactic to something less complicated.


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