Send a silent ‘I love you’ to everyone you meet to set the tone for positive interactions.

Whitney Cummings found this practice life-changing as a silent ‘I love you’ sets the tone for interactions with everyone from strangers to family members. Whitney is an L.A.-based comedian, actor, writer, and producer and executive producer. She is also the co-creator of the Emmy-nominated CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls. Whitney was struggling with compassion and was often frustrated with people when her therapist told her to send a silent ‘I love you’ to everyone she meets. Her patience and compassion increased and judgments and frustration with people decreased. She says her conversations have improved, and her relationships have flourished.


  1. When you meet someone, in your head, say, “I love you.”
    Silently direct ‘I love you’ to them.

  2. Assume that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.
    This is really hard for a lot of us to accept. Drop the judgments and the feelings of frustration if things aren’t proceeding exactly the way you wish.

  3. Now have the conversation, meeting, interaction, etc.
    That interaction will go a lot better.


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