Seek spiritual guidance.

Maintaining good habits and fervently following beneficial principles may be hard at times due to your wish to make a fortune as the greatest salesman in the world. However, recognizing the importance of spiritual guidance can help you remain humble even at the highest point of success. Real success comes from the ability to recognize a potential victory in every defeat. By conquering the fear of defeat, you will come closer to reaching your goals. Finally, always remember to approach life with love, because that is a quality of the greatest men on earth. Thus, you will never lose your true core values and principles.


  1. Repeat these principles on a daily basis.
    Working on your character should be a constant effort. Material wealth will follow if you implement these 10 principles throughout all aspects of your life.

  2. Substitute your wish for material goods for a spiritual benefit.
    Whenever you find yourself wishing and praying for wealth, start praying for guidance to become a better person with a stronger character because those are the qualities a salesman needs to accumulate wealth.

  3. Seek guidance to make use of every opportunity.
    Seeking guidance to achieve success and make the best of every situation is worthier than asking for material goods. Material goods will inevitably come if you know how to handle sales situations.

  4. Face your fears.
    Fear is a nemesis to success, so your prayers should be directed towards conquering these types of abstract enemies.

  5. Make your words fruitful and avoid gossip.
    Use your words wisely and avoid meaningless conversations in which you attack somebody’s personality behind their back.

  6. Be persistent in your efforts to achieve your goals.
    Remember that nothing that matters comes easily. Sometimes you’ll need to try over and over again until you manage to prevail.

  7. Be compassionate towards others that do not have your skills and self-control.
    Show understanding towards people that have not achieved your mastery over life and approach them with love.


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