See the obstacle as a situation to face.

You will see the obstacles in your life as a positive force that motivates you to act.


  1. Make a list of the problems that you are met with.
    Ask yourself these questions:

    1. Are they “real” problems, or just poor circumstances or unmet expectations?
    2. Is the obstacle, because of emotions, just in our minds, or is it real, external?
    3. Can it be solved? How?
    4. By confronting it - do I learn something new?
  2. Many of our problems are the result of having too much.
    Consider if you can solve some of your problems just by limiting junk food, lowering calories, using less technology, buying less.

  3. Think of the obstacles that you have already overcome.
    Remind yourself how you felt before solving them and if your fear was proportional to the problem. What feelings came after passing the obstacle - pride, happiness, relief? Did you learn something new?


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