Appeal to the mainstream market


  1. Allocate resources strategically for transitioning to the mainstream market. How much do you need to successfully transition to support the transition into the mainstream market? Ensure that you have sufficient resources and support to make a successful transition from an early market base to the mainstream market segment.
  2. Conduct thorough research to identify a single niche market with high potential. Conduct a thorough analysis of your client base and market research to identify a niche market segment that is experiencing significant challenges or pain points. Targeting such a segment will increase the value of your solution.
  3. Prove your solution's effectiveness in solving the identified problem. Demonstrate how your product or service effectively addresses the identified problem within the niche market. Secure commitments and endorsements from influential stakeholders, such as top-level decision-makers or industry experts.
  4. Build a community of informed individuals to generate strong word-of-mouth. Establish a community or network of satisfied customers, influencers, and advocates who can share their positive experiences with your product or company. This will help generate strong word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals.
  5. Expand into other industries using success in the initial niche market. Utilize the success and credibility gained in the initial niche market (also known as the "beachhead market”) to leverage your offerings and expand into related industries or market segments.


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