Scratch for ideas


  1. Read archaeologically. Instead of reading just for fun, approach your reading as a way to scratch for ideas. Take on a reading adventure! Start with the latest texts or books on a subject that interests you, then work your way back to older ones. If you're exploring an author's body of work, you'll gain insights into their themes, style, and philosophy from a fresh perspective. And if it's a specific topic, dive into the original sources the writer used. You'll be surprised to uncover the ancient and pure form of ideas, which can further ignite creativity!
  2. Give yourself a creative challenge. For example, if you're a painter, limit yourself to using only shades of green. If you're a writer, try to write a story without using the verb "to be." And if you're a filmmaker, film a ten-minute scene without any cuts, just one continuous shot. By setting these creative obstacles, you'll be forced to think in new and different ways, which is the prime goal of scratching.
  3. Take a purposeful field trip. When you find yourself frustrated with scratching for ideas, change your environment and go on a field trip. Take a walk with a specific goal in mind. Choose a destination that aligns with what you're seeking. It could be a local art gallery for inspiration, a hospital emergency room to observe raw emotions, or a library's forgotten archives for gathering information. Even everyday places like a mall, a blues club, or a peaceful field can spark new ideas if you approach them with intent.


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