Schedule your activities in your calendar


  1. Schedule everything that would have required driving before the internet existed
    Examples include watching movies, buying groceries, or chatting with your friends. These things take time, even when you don’t need to leave the house for it.
  2. Schedule one-hour blocks for multiple little tasks
    Tasks that take 5-15 minutes to complete can be grouped together and completed in an hour of focused work. Add an agenda to your calendar entry so you’re certain of what needs to be completed. 
  3. Immediately complete tasks that take less than 5 minutes
    Don’t schedule tasks that can be easily completed - just do them immediately.
  4. Schedule time for random things that will come up
    This will leave you more room for flexibility
  5. Schedule time for yourself
    During this time, ask yourself, “What do I really want to do right now?” Then, do it! 
  6. Use your schedules as guidelines
    You don’t have to stick strictly to your schedules, they are meant to act as a guide for your day. If you’re in flow during one task, reschedule others so you can take advantage of your productivity. 


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