Schedule the top priorities first so that the lesser priorities fit around them.

Kaskade is widely considered one of the ‘founding fathers’ of Progressive House music. He’s been voted America’s Best DJ twice by DJ Times and headlined Coachella four times. Kaskade is married with three children and uses this system to make sure he has the life he wants. He has learned that when you define your priorities and make time for them, you fill your life with the most important things. You can always fit little things around the big things, but the big things don’t fit around the minutiae.


  1. Identify the top priorities in your life. These are your big stones.
    For example, career, family life, health, finances, etc. Define them clearly.

  2. Imagine that in front of you is a large glass jar, a few big stones, a small pile of marble-sized pebbles, and a pile of sand.
    If you put in the sand or pebbles first, you can’t fit the big stones in. But if you start with the big stones, then move to the medium-sized pebbles, and only then to the sand, it all fits.

  3. Schedule your activities with the most important priorities first.
    You can slot the less important activities around the big stones.


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