Make the most out of your idle time

By scheduling internet time, you train your mind to focus for long hours and avoid distractions. You build strong mental muscles for focus and concentration just like people build physical muscles in the gym.


  1. Schedule your internet use.
    Place a notepad on your desk and write down the time and duration for which you’re allowed to use the internet. However, if you have to use the internet urgently, schedule your internet time early but not immediately. You may schedule it 10 minutes from the current time. Only use the internet during your scheduled time.

  2. Solve a work-related problem in your mind whenever you’re physically occupied and not mentally productive.
    These situations include walking to your office, waiting for the bus, taking a shower, etc. Solving a work-related problem should only be done once a week at first, and slowly increase the frequency as you get used to it.

  3. Recharge!
    While solving a work-related problem is a productive thing to do, overdoing it can stress you out. So allow yourself to spend some leisure time to recharge your batteries and creative energy whenever necessary.


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