Counter rejection with magic words


  1. Practice using the phrase, "I'm not sure if it's for you, but..." in low-stakes situations. How can you introduce a certain product, idea, or service with this opener? Practicing it in low-stake situations before incorporating it into your sales approach can help you build your confidence.
  2. Customize your introduction based on your audience.
    After leading with the magic words, tailor your following message to suit the interests and needs of your listener. For example, if you're talking about a gym membership, you might say, "...but it has really flexible plans that could fit your busy schedule." Customizing your message makes the proposition more appealing and relevant. This increases the likelihood of a positive response.
  3. Use pauses effectively to build intrigue.
    When you introduce your idea or proposition, strategically use pauses before and after the phrase "but." This technique builds suspense and curiosity, making the listener more receptive to what you're about to say next.
  4. Invite feedback or further interest without pressure.
    After presenting your idea or offer, encourage the listener to share their thoughts or express interest by asking open-ended questions like, "What do you think?" or "Does that sound like something you'd be interested in?" This approach fosters a two-way conversation and makes the listener feel valued and respected.
  5. Prepare for varied responses.
    Your audience will have different reactions to what you say. Therefore, it's important to prepare different responses for each possible reaction. Regardless of their response, make sure you maintain a positive and understanding demeanor.
  6. Offer alternatives or ask for referrals when appropriate.
    If the listener indicates the offer isn't for them, gracefully suggest alternatives or ask if they know someone who might be interested. You could say, "No worries! If it's not for you, maybe you know someone who might benefit from it?" This not only respects their decision but also opens up potential opportunities for referrals.


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