Rewrite the reality to change your negative emotions.

There are always two sides of a situation—the positive and the negative. Some situations may make you angry, but if you sit down and think, you will find many positive aspects. Focusing on the positive elements will make the negative ones go away.


  1. When an unexpected thing happens that changes your emotional state, find some possible positives.
    For example, when you are late for an important meeting, ask yourself, “Why might this delay be desirable?”
    Possible answers:

    1. It’s going to save my life.
    2. The people I am going to meet need more time to prepare.
  2. Write down the new reality on a piece of paper.
    When you write, your brain interprets it as more real, and at the same time, you will change your beliefs. You can write it in either present or past tense.


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