Nurture your desired values within the team


  1. Identify the values you want to nurture within your team.
    Jot down the top five qualities that you want your team's culture to embody. Imagine how an external observer would describe your team based on these values. It's also helpful to consider any potential drawbacks to strictly adhering to these values. Additionally, make a note of aspects of other teams' or companies' cultures that you admire and those you want to avoid.
  2. Assess the current state of your team.
    On a scale from one to nine, how close is your current team to your desired culture? What are the strengths of your team as well as the qualities you value highly? Where are the biggest discrepancies between your current team culture and your aspirations? Write your answers down.
  3. Develop a plan to help those values flourish.
    What are the obstacles that might prevent you from reaching your goals? How will you address them? Visualize how you want your team to look in a year’s time.
  4. Communicate what you value.
    When expressing your values, don't hesitate to reiterate them frequently. Encourage others to help spread the message and reinforce the importance of these values. Share personal stories that highlight what's important to you and what you have learned from your own mistakes.
  5. Walk the talk.
    Remember that people closely observe their leaders to understand the team's values and norms. Ensure that your actions align with the values you promote. Be consistent and avoid any contradictions between your words and your actions. Your team will take cues from your behavior.
  6. Create the right incentives.
    Establish an environment where individuals are rewarded for demonstrating behaviors that align with your team's values. Recognize and acknowledge those who exemplify these values. At the same time, hold individuals accountable when their actions contradict the team's values. Ensure that the incentives and consequences are in line with your desired culture.


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