Simplify neglected spaces


  1. Set up your sorting area.
    Choose a corner in your basement, garage, or attic to set up your sorting station. This should include a sturdy table or flat surface for sorting. Also prepare clearly labeled boxes or bins categorized into four: "Donate/Sell," "Relocate," "Keep," and "Trash." Make sure to also have index cards for labeling, a pen, envelopes for detailed tagging, tape for securing labels, and new containers if your old ones are worn out. This setup is your command center for decluttering and organizing.
  2. Sort with a timer.
    Go through each item and decide whether to donate/sell, throw, keep, or relocate it. Once decided, put them in the container where they belong. Do this for 5–10 minutes.
  3. Arrange kept items neatly.
    Group like items together in new or existing boxes and bins. For example, gather all kitchen items or holiday decorations together. This makes it easier to find things later and keeps your storage areas organized.
  4. Label everything clearly.
    Use index cards to clearly label each box or bin. Include a detailed list of contents, and consider adding a photo of the items inside for easy identification. Your labeling system (alphabetic, numeric, etc.) should make sense to you and help you locate items quickly in the future.


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