Review your habits and reflect on them regularly.

To really master anything, you need reflection time. This means that you create a habit, then you reflect, fine-tune it, and create the habit again. This cycle continues until you achieve perfection.


  1. If there is a skill that you really want to master, review your progress and adjust your habits regularly.
    When something becomes a habit, we stop thinking about it. So without clear intentions, we will not improve any further.

  2. Schedule an annual review to fine-tune your habits.
    The annual review should summarize what went well, what didn’t, and what you learned.

  3. Make an Integrity Report at least once a year.
    The report should have answers to the following questions:

    1. What are the core values that drive my life and work?
    2. How am I living and working with integrity right now?
    3. How can I set a higher standard in the future?


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