Reverse engineer a successful campaign

Inventing the whole process of the funnel became so difficult, that it’s rarely successful. The easier way is to find something that’s already working and reverse engineer it. If you figure out what your competitors are doing in order to sell products, you can do something similar.


These days the best tool to use in researching competitors is SimilarWeb. Use it to reverse engineer your competitors.

  1. Make a list of your direct and indirect competitors.

  2. Find each landing page URL.

  3. Enter a URL into the online research tools.

  4. Collect data, dig deep, click on links, buy products, and see what the competitor is doing.
    Find out about all five of the elements that we mentioned before:

    • Demographics
    • Offer
    • Landing page
    • Traffic source
    • Ad copy
  5. Create a swipe file of ideas to model.

Here is a video on how to use SimilarWeb:

Download this reverse engineer checklist in order to not miss anything important:


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