Respect the Personal Space of Others


  1. Analyze the patterns of gestures.
    Look for clusters of gestures that may indicate a certain emotion or attitude, and compare the verbal and non-verbal communication to see if they match.
  2. Take into account the environment.
    Consider the context in which the gestures are used, as well as physical restrictions, disabilities, status, power, and age when interpreting body language.
  3. Be aware of subtlety.
    As an individual gets older, many of his gestures become more subtle and less obvious.
  4. Respect personal space.
    Respect the personal space of others and be aware of the cultural differences in terms of how close one can stand to another person.
  5. Choose the most spacious area.
    When claiming a space or an area among strangers, look for the most spacious area between two others and claim the area in the centre.


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