Use a mindfulness/meditation program to increase effectiveness.

Covey quotes Martin Luther King, who said, “I have so much to do today, I’ll need to spend another hour on my knees.” Prayer was his spiritual practice and not something that he had to do, but something that he wanted to do because he knew it would give him the inner strength, peace, and stillness needed to deal with the demands of his day.

We know when we are in the presence of someone who has this inner peace, strength, and stillness. They are grounded in stature and resonant in speech. They are quietly powerful and have the ability to take time with people and situations—all the hallmarks of a proactive person. Taking the time for a spiritual practice will give you harmony, which in turn will bring harmonious conditions and relationships with others.


  1. Set some time aside daily for meditation, prayer, or a similar type of practice.
    This practice should allow you to go within and have some silent and still time.

  2. Research all the various methods there are to do this.
    Commit to one that resonates well with you (check out books, videos, guided meditations, apps, soundtracks, etc.).

  3. Be open to trying out different methods.
    Experiment until you find something that you can sense is starting to make a valuable difference in your sense of peace and well-being.

  4. Commit to doing this for 20 days and beyond.
    This is a habit for life.


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