Sharpen your saw in four dimensions


  1. Choose one activity in each dimension.
    For each of the four dimensions (physical, spiritual, mental, and social-emotional), think of an activity that aligns with your lifestyle and interests. This should be something you genuinely enjoy so that it feels less like a chore and more like a rejuvenation.
  2. Plan your week with these activities.
    Integrate your chosen activities into your weekly routine. It's not mandatory to do each activity daily; the goal is to ensure that each dimension is addressed at least once throughout the week.
  3. Reflect by the end of the week.
    After the week ends, allocate some quiet reflection time. Evaluate your adherence to your activities. If certain activities were overlooked, identify the reasons. Was it due to unforeseen circumstances, or perhaps a lack of motivation?
  4. Iterate and adjust for the next week. Based on your reflection, refine your choices or schedules as needed. The key is consistency and maintaining a holistic balance. If an activity didn't suit you, replace it with something else within that dimension.


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