Remind yourself of people’s humanity to stay grounded


  1. Bring people in your team together via human interaction
    Simply spending time with others can help us feel like we belong somewhere. Promote the idea of socialization within your team and organization. Be extra cautious during difficult periods, as this is the time most people tend to withdraw from others.

  2. Keep your team and organization limited to essential people only
    It’s difficult to create a sense of one-ness with larger groups, simply because you don’t have the time to get to know everyone.

  3. Meet the people you help with your work
    Seeing the impact of our work on real people, instead of looking at numbers on a report, will motivate us to keep going. Similarly motivate your team by showing them the true impact of their work too.

  4. Give people your time and energy - not just your money
    Real human connection is irreplaceable. Offer your time and energy to the people in your team and organization, and they will be more than happy to give time and energy to their work.

  5. Exercise patience with others
    It takes time to build both personal and professional relationships, so it may take a while before your team trusts you. Be patient, and continue working towards that trust.


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