Enrich your creative journey


  1. Disrupt your routine. Take one day to intentionally shake things up and challenge your usual routine. Start by picking a fight with your wake-up routine and doing something completely different. If you usually exercise, try doing your workout in reverse, double the speed, or slow it down. This change will push your muscles and stimulate your brain. When you begin your creative work, defy your initial impulses and do the opposite of what your brain tells you. This act of rebellion can rewire your thinking and bring new ideas to the forefront.
  2. Be generous with your creative talent. To excel in your creative field, invest yourself fully and be generous with your talent. Whether you're a choreographer, teacher, or in any other creative role, devote yourself to your craft and the people you work with. Believe that when your dancers, actors, or collaborators shine, the final outcome will be more satisfying. So, be wholeheartedly generous in sharing your creativity and bring out the best in everyone involved.
  3. Seek out exceptional collaborators. Recognize that your personal growth as an artist is influenced by the books you read and the people you meet. Actively seek out exceptional collaborators who can bring fresh energy into your creative life. Collaborators offer new perspectives and ideas that can ignite great work. It doesn't matter which artistic field you're in, actively connect with individuals who can complement your skills. If you're a composer, find outstanding lyricists, singers, or band members. If you're a playwright, seek out actors or directors who can bring your work to life. Working with the best people you can find will enrich your creative journey and lead to exceptional outcomes.


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