Let go of anger


  1. Recognize that the behaviors of others may mirror our own traits and shortcomings.
    When someone exhibits behavior that triggers an emotional response in us, it's essential to look inward and ask, "What is this telling me about myself?" For instance, if someone calls you "careless," instead of retaliating, reflect on whether you've been unconsciously neglectful in some aspects of your relationship.
  2. Avoid making yourself or others "wrong" as a justification for your actions.
    Assigning blame, whether to oneself or others, is an easier way out. It's a mechanism that we use to escape from uncomfortable situations. Instead of pointing fingers, simply acknowledge the need for change and act upon it. For instance, if you're unhappy in a job, rather than blaming the work environment or colleagues, recognize your feelings and decide whether a change is needed.
  3. Regularly acknowledge the acts of love and kindness you receive from others.
    Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated. By recognizing and appreciating the small gestures of kindness from others, you foster healthier relationships. For example, if someone lends you a helping hand, acknowledge their effort, even if it's just a simple "thank you."


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