Release grief


  1. Acknowledge your suppressed grief. Many people, especially men, bury their feelings of grief because society might deem it as a sign of weakness. Understand that suppressing grief can lead to health issues and emotional instability. Instead of suppressing it, learn to acknowledge it. What are you grieving? You may write it down or talk to someone about it - whatever feels comfortable.
  2. Confront and release suppressed emotions. Bottling up grief can lead to both emotional and physical complications. Confront your emotions head-on and question any fears preventing you from doing so. What might you be avoiding or denying within yourself?
  3. Recognize and preemptively address potential sources of grief. The foundation of mourning and sadness is often rooted in our attachments and the refusal to accept the temporary nature of relationships. Assess your life for these attachments and determine which internal needs they fulfill. Questions like "What would I feel if I lost this?" or "Why do I feel incomplete without this attachment?" can provide clarity.
  4. Love unconditionally. Evaluate your relationships and dependencies, considering where you might be trying to extract love rather than provide it. The more love you give, the less you'll need external validation. Examine your relationships: Are they built on mutual appreciation, or do elements of control overshadow them? How can you transition from seeking love to radiating it?
  5. Address areas of personal immaturity. Identify and confront personal areas where you may be seeking external solutions to internal feelings of inadequacy. Consider why you might be looking for attachment and dependency on others.
  6. ** Prepare emotionally for upcoming life transitions.** Changes such as retirement or children leaving home can induce grief if not mentally prepared for in advance. Assess potential life transitions and plan how you'll find fulfillment during these times. Write it down.


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