Release unhelpful parenting motivations.

You will appreciate and enjoy your children more and become less reactive to them. You will be completely present in your interactions with them, and they will know that they are loved unconditionally.


  1. Recognize if your ego is identifying with the parent role.
    Are you trying to become more complete or fill a sense of lack through your children?

  2. Become aware of unconscious motivations behind your parenting.
    Be honest, are you trying to have your children achieve what you never achieved? Do you give messages such as: “Don’t disappoint me,” or, “I know what is right for you,” until your children feel so guilty and uncomfortable that they conform to your wishes?

  3. Recognize the futility of such motivations.
    They don’t serve you or your children

  4. Enjoy being present for your children, without an agenda.


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