Relax to dehypnotize yourself


  1. Consciously relax your body from head to toe
    Sit or lie down on your back as comfortably as possible. Consciously focus on your forehead and let go of the muscle tension. Then progressively relax the tension in your jaws, neck, hands, arms, shoulders, and all your body parts down to your feet. Spend 5 minutes relaxing your body in this way and then stop focusing on your muscles.

  2. Visualize yourself as heavy as a rock
    Visualize yourself lying stretched out on a bed. See yourself having two heavy legs made of concrete. Feel these concrete legs sinking deep into the mattress. Imagine your arms, also made from concrete, sinking into the bed. Then visualize a friend walking into the room and trying to lift your feet. He fails due to the sheer weight. He then tries to lift your arms and neck but fails again.

  3. Visualize yourself as a doll
    Imagine yourself as a large marionette doll with your body parts connected using strings. For example, your wrists are loosely tied to your hands, your forearm is tied to your upper arm, your upper arm is loosely tied to your shoulders, etc. Visualize yourself as a limp body sprawled on a bed with loose strings connecting your body parts.

  4. Visualize yourself as a series of inflated balloons
    Your body is full of air. Then two valves open in your feet and air escapes from your legs until they deflate completely. Now visualize a valve opening in your chest and air escaping until your whole trunk collapses on the bed. Continue this with your arms, head, and neck.

  5. Recall a memory of a relaxing and pleasant scene
    Choose a scene from your past when you felt at peace with the world. Remember all the details of the environment, including the smells, sounds, and sights you experienced. Recall as many incidental and vivid details as you can. Do this every day until you become more and more proficient in relaxation.


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