Relate to the world in a healthy manner


  1. Heal from your childhood issues.
    For example, you could see a therapist to help you heal from childhood abuse. Or, you could build new relationships only with respectful people. Above all, report cases of abuse to the appropriate authority.

  2. Identify the things you missed out on as a child and think about how to best fulfill them now.
    What were your needs that were not met? For example, if you missed out on being cradled like a child, you might enjoy supportive remarks or kind glances as an adult.

  3. Undo old bad habits.
    Open up to feedback by asking your friends to point out your bad habits. Then, work on being a better version of yourself.

  4. Invest your time into building long-lasting relationships with others.
    Appreciate your friends, compliment them and assure them how much you love them. Listen to their needs without judging them, criticizing them, or projecting your issues onto them.

  5. Open up to be loved.
    Make yourself approachable by being polite and interesting when you meet new people. Trust someone to help fulfill your dreams the same way you are helping others fulfill theirs.

  6. Defend yourself from the things you are not yet prepared to handle.
    For example, it's perfectly alright to avoid committed relationships or closeness until you are mentally ready.

  7. Find different sources of happiness.
    For example, you can find your happiness in building happy relationships, making money,  starting a new business, etc. Remember, nothing is permanently satisfying and there is more than one source of happiness.

  8. Let go of control
    Avoid acting on the compulsive need to make everything and everyone comply with your wishes.

  9. Limit your expectations of others.
    This helps you prevent and or handle disappointments better.


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